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Tita is dedicated to my grandmother Hebe, witty and arrabalera 1. The font is inspired by Milonga 2 music and the fileteado porteño 3. I picture it at The Moulin Rouge, sparkling, provocative, loving. It evokes Tita Merello and my grandmum singing her music. Tita is Argentinean to its very core. A font to shout goal and dulce de leche 4 with passion! Its curves originate from polirhythmic calligraphy, which I learnt from my mentor Silvia Cordero Vega. Tita is a pedigree script that is based on hand lettering and Sandra Biondi´s calligraphy works. Font digitalisation by Daniel Hernández. Edited by Javier Quintana / Programmed by Manuel Corradine.1- A person from the arrabal (a working class neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires).2- Musical genre originated in the Río de la Plata areas.of Argentina and Uruguay.3- Decorative hand lettering and artistic style that is frequently spotted in Buenos Aires.4- Sweet milk sauce.


Daniel Hernández Sandra Biondi


Release Date: 2015


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